Oceanic Warriors
A Kinship & Community Hub


    We are a Lord of the Rings Online kinship based on the Landroval server. We play in the oceanic time frame, those quiet hours when server population is at its lowest. Our kinship mission is to a create community resource that helps not only our members, but all off-peak players run the group content of the game through open public hunts. We also do regular private kinships hunts, and support our members in reaching their personal game goals. We love meeting new people and are here to help the server as a whole.

     If you are a player online when most of the server sleeps, please take a moment to register with this site, and add us to your favorites list. You don't have to join the kinship to register, this site serves as an information hub for everyone. Registering will give you forum access so you can get to know the oceanic crowd better, participate in discussions, and post instance requests. The site calendar will also keep you up to date on whats happening from day to day, and week to week. Look for Tailspin, Piccola, or Rancap in game before any event to join the fun.

Interested in joining Oceanic Warriors?

     With all the public hunts we run, we sure could use your help. Public groups can be a dice roll, and to make it work we have to have a roster of skilled leaders, class players, and all round spiffy people. Becoming an O.W. kinnie will put you right at the heart of the action. You can take part in the expeditions we do into new instances, and assist in developing strategies to run them publically. Hunt leaders can schedule their own events on the calendar, and all members are able to reserve spots in raids before we open them on public channels.
     All levels, classes, races, and player nationalities are welcome. Extensive game experience is not needed, we take everyone willing to fight beside us. The one requirement we do have is that you come hunting with us at least once before joining. It's always best to meet the people of a kinship your are joining before signing on. Check our calendar for scheduled public events, or contact Tailspin, Piccola, or Rancap in game.

     Please keep in mind we are not an elite raid kinship, but we still run successful raids. Our specialty is being able to take a team formed from mostly public chat, and battle our way to victory through just about any instance in the game. We run all levels, and when we do an instance, we try to make sure everyone is as close to level as possible.

Team Speak

     Oceanic Warriors is a mature community based around the fun of the game, and respect between players. We joke around a lot and try to have fun with everything we do. You can find us often on our Team Speak server, where we gather to hunt or just chat while we play solo. We welcome everyone on the TS server, you do not need to be a kinship member to log in.

You will need to download Team Speak here : Download Link

You can connect to our server as follows:
Server Address : oceanic.typefrag.com
Alternate Address :
Password : trueblue

     The rules of the server are the same as the rules for all parts of the kinship. Respect others, avoid drama and bickering, and keep the language civil. There are people from many cultures who log on to our team speak server, and things that may be okay with one, might not be with another. Also keep in mind that not everyone uses English as their first language. Having patience and asking people to repeat or explain in different words is always a good thing.